Juke Jose:            I am a spatial designer and artist. I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I migrated to the United States through San Francisco, CA and am currently based in Brooklyn, NY.             I operate between an architectural, spatial, and object-oriented practice weaving the ideas of partial and kapwa into my work. The idea of partial, defined as “existing only in part; incomplete represents the beauty of what could be, an application of lightness, softness, and impermanence that hopes to cultivate kapwa, a core indigenous Filipino psychology that is “a recognition of shared identity, an inner self shared with others.” (Enriquez 2004) The framework of partial and kapwa, alongside contextual research and architectural methods reclaim underrepresented and misrepresented narratives.            Through my work, I attempt to deepen the way we understand our interconnectedness to community, culture, place, environment, and history helping us navigate a course of healing to eventually reach a space of care. I intend to harbor one’s interiority through spatial experimentation and assembled installations borrowing from the surrounding environment, domestic and cultural images, spaces, places, and things revealing the value in our history and celebrating the beauty of our living.            I am currently designing at Partial. This site was updated June 22, 2024.           About            Contact            Index
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